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Base price shown.  Prices will vary based on technical team members experience.

Montage Facial – Starting at $99


Create a strong foundation with this back to basics facial. All of our facials include cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, a customized mask, and massage. Tell us your concerns and we will chose what is best for you.  This facial is beneficial prior to more advanced treatments as the skin must be healthy before doing more intensive procedures. 


Collagen Facial - Starting at $132

Lacking Firmness? Uneven Skin Tone? Tired?

Give your aging skin a boost with an innovative youth treatment!  This facial in combination with the Q10 Collagen sheet mask offers maximum efficacy on skin firmness, radiance and evenness of the complexion. The use of peptides and Vitamin C protect, rejuvenate and brighten tired skin.

Sea Soothing Facial – Starting at $127


Sensitive? Rosecea? Sun Exposed Skin?

Let the Sea soothe your irritated skin. Red Algae, Marine Spring Water, and Probiotic Sugars reduce redness, soothe compromised skin, and reinforce the skins natural protective barrier, resulting in a nourished, calm, and even toned complexion. Repair and protect to keep your tender skin healthy!

Clarifying Facial – Starting at $138


Dull? Congested? Suffocated Skin?

Slough away tired, dull cells to expose a brighter, more radiant complexion by remineralizing with nutrients from the earth and sea. Self heating mud will help to soften impurities and detoxify congested skin while marine sugars will revise the vitality of the skin for better respiration and clarity.  Say hello to bright, clear, healthy skin!


AHA Facial – Starting at $154


Noticeable lines? Laxity? Problematic skin?

Gentle Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acids will visibly soften lines and wrinkles, improve skin tone and texture, diminish hyperpigmentation, or control unwanted blemishes without downtime! An antioxidant rich Vitamin C mask will bring your skin back to its natural glow as well as calm and soothe. Your skin will feel revived, healthy and refreshed. 


Youth Reviver Anti-Aging Facial – Starting at $154


Sun Spots? Dullness? Aging?

Powerful and nourishing sea algae and minerals replenish skin that is dull, dehydrated, and tired. These key ingredients and antioxidants reactivate lazy cells and stimulate collagen to strengthen and firm weakened tissue into restored youthful looking skin. Say hello to supple, radiant skin. 


Teen Facial – Starting at $83


Sensitive? Acne? Blackheads/Congestion?

Teens tend to over strip their problematic skin leaving it dehydrated and irritated. This facial is tailored to teens having problems with overproduction of oil resulting in congested and acne prone skin. Gentle exfoliation and softening of the skin is essential for proper extraction of blemishes, finishing with a mask to calm inflammation and return skin to its proper function. 





Add Ons: Within Service

Add on any of the following enhancements to customize your facial experience. $33 unless otherwise stated.


Skinceuticals Gel Peel


Skinceuticals(tm) gel peels are a non-medical grade peel to slowly penetrate the epidermis to reveal brighter, healthier, clarified skin. Our highly trained estheticians will select the appropriate gel peel to address your specific needs. 


Eye Lift Treatment


The eye lift treatment is the ultimate burst of radiance. This cooling, plastifying mask protects the delicate eye area and increases circulation to brighten and tone tired, dark and dehydrated eyes.


Specialty Care Masks


Let’s zero in on your most important concern by adding powerful concentrated ingredients to any Montage facial. BIOCELLUOUS MASK, LUMINOUS COMPLEXION MASK, COLLAGEN MASK.


Self Heating Mud


This treatment embodies Phytomer’s signature reflex-thermo method and transforms a facial into a holistic experience. Self-heating marine mud is placed along the spine to aid deep relaxation which helps optimize the absorption of essential minerals during any facial treatment. This special treatment is both detoxifying and remineralizing. A great add on in times of stress and fatigue.


Pure Pore Mask


This warming mask softens the skin and impurities to be able to gently remove unwanted debris from the pores.

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