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Hair Supplies

Conditioning Treatments 

Serie Expert Metal Detox 


What It Is

A pre-treatment that neutralizes metals inside the fiber before each color, balayage & lightening service.

What It Does

• Netralizes metal before a color, balayage or lightening service.

• Provides 87% less breakage.

• Delivers 100% reliablle color results.

• Is compatible with all lightener & hair color brands.

What Else You Need to Know

Everyone has metals in their hair.

• The cause: Metals erode in our pipes, mixing with our water and ultimately accumulating inside the hair fiber.

• The consequences: When metal particles mix with hair color and lightener oxidants, they can lead to unreliable color results and breakage.

• The solution: Metal Detox.

Serie Expert Vitamino Color


What It Is

A shine sealing, rinse-out lotion that strengthens the fiber for optimal protection and intense, long-lasting shine of color-treated hair.

What It Does

• Seals the cuticle

• Protects color from fading

• Delivers 6x more shine right after application of Shampoo & Acidic Sealer

Serie Expert Pro Longer

What It Is

An exclusive treatment for long hair suffering from thinned ends.

What It Does

• Ends filling from first application

• Reduces the appearance of split ends by 17%*

• 50% more volume*

• Filler A-100 has a high concentration of patented filling molecule to thicken and resurface the hair fiber

• The Amino Acid strengthens and renews lengths

Serie Expert Blondifier

What It Is

A lightweight liquid treatment perfect for after every balayage or lightening service that smoothens the cuticle, while reducing breakage.

What It Does

• Reduces breakage by 80%

• Strengthens the hair fiber

• Cuticles are smoothened

• Hair instantly looks shinier, smoother and stronger

What Else You Need to Know

• Infused with gluco polyphenol complex.

• Perfect for after every balayage or lightening service.

• Formula specifically developed for lightened hair.

• A fast add-on service that works inmediately.

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